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We’re a team passionate about small-cap mining stocks on the ASX. We leverage an experienced network we’ve built over decades in the mining industry - featuring geologists, researchers, lawyers, and all those in the field, in our research and insights.

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Well, our ultimate goal is to dig up the next big things in small-cap ASX stocks and help you do the same. To do that, we spend our days deep-diving into small-cap companies, sifting through data, vetting projects and consulting with our network until we’re confident in the information we present to you here. We live for the feeling of uncovering the next breakthrough company before it becomes mainstream.

We'll be the first to say that we don't hit the bullseye with every pick. Nobody does. But we're confident in our process, expertise, and unwavering commitment to finding undervalued projects while helping our readers.

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  • In-depth analysis: Clear and concise commentary and a spotlight on the hidden gems and emerging trends of the ASX. This analysis is paired with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the mining sector to uncover hidden opportunities before they become mainstream.

  • Company deep dives: We conduct thorough due diligence on small-cap players, exposing their true potential and separating the diamonds from the rough.

  • Strategies: We share our research-driven investment approach, honed over years, to equip you with the knowledge to confidently make calls. We aim to offer insights that are informative and actionable.

  • A community: You're not alone in this journey. We’re a club after all.

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